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Food Industry

The food industry is divided into the supply, consumption, and catering of food products. Hygiene, energy efficiency and minimization of waste are important benchmark criteria to be met. The three main industry sectors are agriculture – raising of crops and livestock, manufacturing – products supporting production and food processing -preparation and manufacture of products for the market. Food processing has significant ventilation needs including heating and cooling to maintain room temperatures for both product and workers, proper ventilation of produce to minimize premature ageing, odor control, freezer recirculation air, caustic gas removal, or air turnover during wash-down cycles.

Bulk handling of flour, spices, and sugar requires control of nuisance dust, explosion protection, and housekeeping and wash down needs. A clean environment and longevity of ventilation equipment are vital as downtime is not an option. The food processing section of the market is ventilation critical and industrial duty equipment can significantly extend the time between maintenance cycles.

Where have we applied our products and have application experience?

Flash freezing turkeys – Stainless steel fans for freezer recirculation
Freezer recirculation – Propeller fans for equalizing temperature distribution
Fruit Storage – Propeller fans in regional Banana Distribution Centers
Tomato Storage – Propeller fans to extend shelf life
Kill Room Ventilation – Roof exhausters to remove caustic chemicals
Fryer Exhaust – Exhauster to remove fryer exhaust and grease
Washed Produce Blow Off – Blower to remove excess water from green beans
Flour Dust Collection – Flour Silo Bin Vents
Packaging Dust Collector – Product Packaging/Weighing
Mixing and Blending – Spice Blending/Mixing operations
Flavor Manufacture – Explosion suppression on a Spray Dryer
Bakery Oven Exhaust Fans
Coffee Roasting – Dust Collector on Chaff from Coffee Roasting
Cookie conveyor dust collector – Crumb accumulation at transfer points
Baking Oil overspray – Oil mist collector on oily crumbs from bread pans
Brewery – Dust collection off Malt Mill

In a recent case study called “Dust Collection Systems in the Spice Marketplace”, SysTech has demonstrated the ability to meet the needs of the food industry by tackling a challenging project related to the sizing of dust collection equipment for spice grinding mills.

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