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Modular Home Industry

Manufacturing a prefabricated structure within a much larger manufacturing facility creates a major airborne dust cloud. Modular buildings or prefabricated homes are manufactured indoors, using the same materials required for an on-site structure. Multiple operator stations complete each task as buildings move thru the production process. Along the line, material handling, sawing of wood framing for the walls, floor, and roofs, shaping and sanding of wood and sheet rock or drywall create airborne dust while heavier particulate is deposited on the floor and elevated horizontal surfaces. Cognizance of explosion potential needs to be determined and addressed appropriately. When drywall is installed, a cloud of plaster is created by the sawing, sanding, and patching of the walls and ceilings of the house sections. Mandatory source capture at the saw or sanding head is designed for capture of much of the dust before it escapes into the surrounding environment. When dust is captured and collected, large amounts of dust need to be conveyed and removed from the work areas.

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Modular Home Industry Products and Solutions:

Industrial Vacuum Systems
Explosion Protection Systems

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