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Wastewater Treatment Industry

Wastewater treatment plants are an integral part of every community. Their design needs to perform in a demanding, corrosive, noxious and highly regulated environment. By their nature, they are replete with corrosive gases which can create havoc with metal surfaces and ventilation equipment.

Ambient environments having hydrogen sulfide gas and moisture, produce sulfuric acid that degrades painted carbon steel and aluminum air handlers and exhaust fans. Methane, a potential hazard, is a second gas that may need to be addressed.  Stainless steel, fiberglass axial and centrifugal fans are mandatory for those areas of a facility such as the sludge drying area, pumping stations, and wet wells.

Air supply and exhaust openings to the plant can be directed through FRP duct, fittings, louvers, and dampers.  Final selection of equipment construction is predicated on the level of gases in the surrounding environment.  These plants cannot go “down” and need to be operating at the peak of their capacity, so minimal maintenance and longevity of equipment are critical as well as spares parts and redundant systems.   Noise can be an issue depending upon the location of the mechanical equipment and the proximity to housing. Exhaust fans can be quieted, and interiors can be attenuated for operator safety.

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