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Woodworking Industry

Woodworking creates a lot of small airborne particulate and larger chips. The amount of dust is based on the type and quantity of machinery used, the kind of wood being cut, and the final product that is manufactured. Sawing, shaping, and sanding all create a different wood particulate that needs to be collected and filtered from the process airstream. The final efficiency of the dust collection system is determined by the age and type of woodworking machinery used to create the final product.
By its nature, wood is flammable and potentially explosive. That said, all wood dust collection systems need to be protected against a fire or explosion event.

Woodworking practices can be creating specialty moldings to a manufacturer of prefabricated housing, and there are multiple dust collector technologies available based on the dust being collected.

Source capture is the key to minimizing the overall system size. Using a hood, enclosure, or extraction arm at the saw or sanding head will capture the dust before it is airborne and settles on the floor or overhead beams.

The need for wood dust collection systems is extensive as they are found in wood product manufacturing facilities, high schools, colleges, and tech training schools, or often in isolated sections of much larger manufacturing facilities.

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