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Donaldson Company – Torit

Donaldson Company - TORIT®

Donaldson Company - TORIT® products

Donaldson is a leading manufacturer of filtration equipment used in the industries of manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction, power generation, semiconductors, woodworking, transportation, as well as industrial air system developers. Donaldson is known for innovating new technologies such as the DownFlo®, DownFlo Oval® and PowerCore® Dust collectors, WSO Oil Mist Collector and also for providing superior customer support. Clients get cleaner air with dust & particulate filtration solutions from Donaldson® Torit®.

Donaldson conducts ongoing dust & particulate filtration research & development programs, which are unique within the industry. The most efficient collection and filtration technologies for all types of dust, fume and mist particulate are available – from central, source and ambient systems to baghouse, envelope and cartridge technologies. Donaldson offers many standard models, or will assemble an ideal solution for your unique application.

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Need replacement filters for your air pollution control device? Call us, as Donaldson offers a complete line of replacement filters for all manufacturers of pollution control equipment.

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Donaldson Company – Torit Products and Solutions:

Industrial Air Filtration Systems
Dust Collector Filters
Dust Control Booths
Extraction Arms
Oil Mist Collectors
Welding Exhaust Systems
Industrial Air Systems Components

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