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SysTech Sales Management Team

Servicing accounts is paramount amongst our core beliefs. As a prospective client, you should contact the appropriate person within our organization to ensure a timely response. We want your business and recognize that our best ability is our availability to you, our customer. While associates spend most of their time with clients “in the field” laying out projects and actively helping clients, they also constantly monitor their phones and emails.

All SysTech personnel have been closely involved with ventilation system analysis and problem-solving, from selecting and sizing fans to duct and hood design, equipment retrofit, and field analysis. They focus on finding cost-effective solutions that meet budgets, time constraints, and require carefully chosen job-specific products.

To maximize coverage and facilitate quick turnarounds, we have designated geographies for each associate, with outside-of-area accounts assigned as needed.

Please start by contacting the associate in your area, and if your application needs additional SysTech assistance, the sales manager, Adam Conley, will assign the appropriate person to your project. If you are unsure who to contact or require answers ASAP, call the SysTech corporate office at 800-456-9460.

Adam Conley

Adam Conley

Adam Conley manages all sales-related activities for SysTech.  He covers accounts throughout the US and Canada.  After 19 years, he has been able to address challenging applications from a single piece of “noisy” equipment or out of balance fan, to complete ventilation systems. Adam has been handling pharmaceuticals, specialty ventilation, noise abatement, and explosion protection projects for several years.  He is a 2004 graduate of Penn State University and is married with three kids; the oldest is in 7th grade.

Matt Glover

Matt Glover

Matt Glover is the Technical Sales Associate who covers Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia accounts and has done so for the past fourteen years.  Matt has extensive experience in food and spice manufacturing, OEM applications, and aerospace manufacturing sectors, along with water and wastewater treatment.  Matt is a 2006 graduate of Bloomsburg University and is married with three children.

Corey Mui

Corey Mui

Corey Mui has been with SysTech for six years and is the Technical Sales Associate responsible for eastern PA, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut accounts. Cory is a 2012 graduate of UMass Amherst and married with two children. Although he works with all phases of industrial ventilation, he has recently spent most of his time in the plastics Industry and with specialty fan applications. Corey can be reached at

Zach Fausnaught

Zach Fausnaught

Zach Fausnaught is the Technical Sales Associate covering Central and Western Pennsylvania, parts of West Virginia, and Ohio. Zach is a 2009 graduate of West Chester University and married with two boys, ages two and five. Zach has been working in his territory for eleven years, undertaking multiple noise attenuation, welding, and metalworking projects.  His contact email is    

Lou Hajas

Lou Hajas is a sales associate who has worked at SysTech for twenty-eight years.  Lou maintains relationships with select clients throughout Pennsylvania. With his years in dust collection, Lou has seen many challenges to air cleaning and will continue to do so.  Lou graduated from RPI and, with his wife, has two sons and three grandchildren.  Contact Lou at

John Conley

John Conley

As the founder of SysTech Design in 1985, John Conley is no longer managing the business’s day-to-day operations. Instead, John has redirected his focus to our website’s management and continued development.  As an engineer, he enjoyed working with clients and problem-solving challenges, but his true passion is marketing. As it continually evolves, the website keeps John active within the business but removed from a direct sales role.

Future SysTech Employee

Future Associate

This could be you!  Fill out the application below, and let us know if you are interested, what you believe are your skill sets, and how you could help SysTech clients with their problem-solving issues.  We can teach you industrial ventilation, but customer service must be part of your DNA.



SysTech welcomes college interns each summer who want to learn various aspects of an engineering/environmental sciences business. You will visit job sites, see numerous industrial ventilation applications, and participate in business and marketing practices. Apply and tell us what you would like to get out of your internship program.

We believe SysTech has an enviable group who are application experienced and understand industrial ventilation products and systems and will exceed expectations for most projects they encounter.  They are driven and ready to go the extra mile for clients who expect assistance when it’s needed to keep industrial facilities running and their personnel safe in clean-air environments.   

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