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Piscataway, NJ Industrial Dust Collection, Noise Control & Explosion Protection

SysTech Design, Inc – Service to New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York

Piscataway, NJ Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Industrial dust collection systems are an important part of a facility’s industrial ventilation plan. Cleaning the air promotes an efficient, healthy, and safe workplace. The heart of an effective dust collection system is the selection of the air filtration device or dust collector and the filter media being applied. Dust collectors are available with cartridges, bags, and envelope filters and any can be the best choice, depending on the material being collected. If the goal is high-efficiency filtration, media cleaning with minimal maintenance, then an analysis of the particulate and the airstream constituents is mandatory. Simply plugging in a dust collector is a hit or miss situation and typically results in a later maintenance issue.

The second important consideration for an effective dust collection system is the system of hoods and duct along with safety features for explosion protection and noise attenuation. Design considerations should be a maximum collection of dust at the source and low pressure loses through the duct system. Good design minimizes fan motor horsepower required and the potential for the settling of dust in the ductwork.

SysTech, with our broad application experience, sets the goal of long filter life and minimal maintenance, coupled with the appropriate safety features.

Piscataway, NJ Industrial Dust Collecting & Explosion Protection
Catridge Dust Collection system – Food manufacturer ambient air cleaning application.

Industrial Ventilation Systems in Piscataway, NJ

Industrial ventilation systems that meet the needs of a manufacturing plant should encompass available clean and fresh air, minimized temperature extremes, is safe from an incident of fire or explosion, and have suitable sound levels for the workplace.

SysTech formulates effective industrial ventilation systems by integrating industrial fans, dust, fume or mist collectors, noise abatement, fire and explosion protection equipment into complete packages, and installing these systems along with necessary electrical control packages in areas in and around New Jersey and New York.

We will also tweak or upgrade in-place ventilation systems that are not functioning as designed by addressing the reason for breakdowns or performance issues.

Industrial Noise Control in Piscataway, NJ

Noise is a typical industrial manufacturing byproduct that needs to be evaluated for a compliant industrial facility. The impact of industrial processes such as roof and wall fans, HVAC equipment, chillers, cooling towers, oil and gas building ventilation fans, vent blow-offs, power gen engines, and other noise generating processes are addressed by installing noise abatement equipment in various forms. SysTech offers a broad range of reliable industrial noise control solutions, including fan silencers, acoustic louvers, industrial exhaust silencers, sound enclosures, acoustic building ventilation systems, flexible acoustic connectors, and acoustic blankets/wraps. Our noise attenuation strategy varies based on the space envelope available, required sound levels, workflow impact, and budget constraints.

Noise Control Enclosure – Custom design for hammer mill

SysTech Design: Industrial Ventilation Specialists

SysTech Design is a provider of industrial ventilation equipment and services that include more than just dust collection and explosion protection. Our ventilation packages include fans & blowers for process and general ventilation, air pollution control, and noise attenuation. We offer individual pieces of equipment or the total system as a “turn-key” package. SysTech was incorporated in 1985 as a manufacturer’s representative located in Harrisburg, PA. As our reputation grew, so did our territory responsibility and as a result, we were repeatedly being called to handle projects in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. To better serve the region it was decided a regional office was mandatory for customer support. Properly servicing potential and existing accounts on a face-to-face basis and being available on short notice is paramount to our success.

Baltimore, MD

Regional Representative – Corey Mui

Industrial Dust Collection, Noise Control, and Explosion Protection

Phone: 732-526-3679

SysTech Design, Inc – Piscataway, NJ Regional Office

Piscataway, NJ Industrial Dust Collection, Noise Control, and Explosion Protection

Piscataway is a decently sized community located in New Jersey and an ideal central location for providing technical support to North and Central NJ, New York and Connecticut. The community has been around for hundreds of years and is home to several different industries in the local and nearby area. Piscataway is also home to many government and educational facilities, such as Rutgers University, which makes up a large portion of upper-central New Jersey. With all the commercial business that are accessible from around the area, many surrounding Piscataway industries call us to look at their dust collection system and explore potential for explosion protection. SysTech has and always will be there to help with any of your company’s industrial needs ranging from explosion protection to dust collection.

Piscataway, NJ – SysTech Regional Office for the Mid-Atlantic Region

We’re located in Piscataway, NJ, the ideal location to service clients in the northern geography of the Mid-Atlantic Region. SysTech chooses to be in the Piscataway, NJ location to best serve a market base which includes Pharmaceuticals, Food, Oil & Gas, Biotech, Chemicals, Fabricated metal products, Schools, Heavy industry, and Light manufacturing.  For these industries we’ve supplied complete ventilation system with equipment such as fans, blowers, dust collectors, and MUA units, along with the associated disciplines of explosion protection, and noise attenuation. And for most of these projects, we installed, tested, and started up the complete system.     

Piscataway, NJ – SysTech Support and Services

SysTech has been installing industrial ventilation systems for dust control and explosion protection from the Piscataway office for several years. We service industrial facilities and clients in New Jersey, having completed projects in Edison, Princeton, Newark, and Mahwah. Our New York clients include plant locations in Suffern, Binghamton, Corning, Syracuse, and Albany. In Connecticut, we’ve worked in Norwalk, Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, and Hartford.

SysTech is here to help with any of your company’s industrial ventilation needs from dust collecting to explosion protection.

Installation of Dust Collectors – Technical School Welding Shop Application.

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