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Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Dust Collection, Noise Control & Explosion Protection

SysTech Design, Inc – Service to western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia

Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Dust Collection

When deciding the type and degree of industrial dust collection you need, there are many factors that need to be considered. A starting point is understanding the physical and chemical composition of the collected particulates, local and federal regulations, safety, and process exhaust requirements.  After determining the level of filtration that is needed, we analyze the geometry and chemistry of the particulate carried in the air stream which will determine dust collection system components and configuration.  We complete the system by making certain that the particulates will stay in suspension after capture and subsequently conveyed to the air material separator. Using industrial-duty duct, fans and associated equipment will ensure that happens.  Under conditions where equipment slowly wears or breaks down, particulate that settles in the duct creates potential duct collapse, fire and explosion potential, leaks in the duct, additional static pressure, system imbalance, and fan wheel abrasion.  Keeping a dust collection system in top operating condition will prevent significant downtime or upset condition.

Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Dust Collecting & Explosion Protection

Series of cartridge dust collectors for pharma application.

Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Dust Collecting, Noise Control & Explosion Protection

Explosion vented dust system with chemical suppression isolation.

Industrial Explosion Protection in Pittsburgh, PA

Industrial explosion protection strategies designed to address combustible dust and hybrid applications is what we do.  The explosion protection plan of action that we implement is based on the potential severity and proper mitigation of, dusts and hybrid dust that might result in a catastrophic event.  From initial dust testing, equipment selection, final installation and periodic maintenance services for your explosion protection system, SysTech will be available to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

If you’re updating, expanding or changing the application for an existing system we can provide the necessary support. We retrofit and update equipment from many manufactures to meet Code and have installed explosion suppression systems, explosion vents and NFPA approved accessories on many different manufacturers of dust collectors. Before you relocate or replace a piece of equipment let us see if it can be updated and modified to NFPA criteria before a major capital expenditure.

Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Noise Control

SysTech has always kept developing industrial noise control solutions that meet OSHA and NIOSH regulations as a top priority for a wide range of manufacturing sites and industrial environments. Whether it’s inside a facility and making impacts on the workforce or outside affecting the neighboring residential areas, noise can be a significant issue that needs repeated addressing. We have a wide variety of techniques, products, systems, and manufacturers that are all specific for noise control solutions. 

Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Noise Control

Noise control enclosures custom designed for specific attenuation application. 

Baltimore, MD

Regional Representative – Zach Fausnaught

Industrial Dust Collection, Noise Control & Explosion Protection

Phone: 412-404-3418

SysTech Design: Industrial Ventilation Specialists

SysTech Design is a provider of industrial ventilation equipment and services that address the need for fans & blowers for process and general ventilation, air pollution control, dust collection, noise attenuation, and explosion protection. We direct our attention to complete systems in order to best understand the performance and function of each single piece of equipment. SysTech is a company that began in 1985 as a manufacturer’s representative located in Harrisburg, PA. We have acquired considerable application knowledge in dust collection and explosion protection, by successfully completing projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region states of PA, NJ, DE, MD, CT and NY.

With a growing reputation, we started receiving more clients from all over Pennsylvania for either industrial noise control, explosion protection, or dust collection.

To better serve the growing demand, we decided to place a regional office in Pittsburgh for faster and more comprehensive support for our customers.

We pride ourselves on being able to properly service our customers on a face-to-face basis on short notice.

Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Dust Collection & Explosion Protection

Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania. Also being known as “The Steel City”, Pittsburgh has a heavy influence on the industrial market, therefore, making it in dire need of constant maintenance. The city is also a huge influencer on sustainable and clean energy as it’s the hub for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Along with that, Pittsburgh is a center for large government technology agency headquarters due to its distance near other landmarks. Being such a large city with a long list of industries calling it home, SysTech is here to help with any industrial issues you may face ranging from dust collecting to noise control.

SysTech Design, Inc – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Regional Office

Pittsburgh, PA – SysTech Regional Office for the Mid-Atlantic Region

We’re located in Pittsburgh, PA, which is an ideal location to service clients in the western geography of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

SysTech choose to be in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania location to best serve our customer base which includes those in Pharmaceuticals, Food, Oil & Gas, Biotech, Chemicals, Technical schools, Research centers, and both heavy Industrial and light manufacturing.

SysTech is here to help with any of your company’s industrial ventilation needs from dust collecting to explosion protection.

Determining fan exhaust volume for building ventilation analysis. 

Pittsburgh, PA – Support and Service Areas

Pittsburgh is our hub for servicing clients and in the western portion of our Mid-Atlantic territory.  It includes the immediate Pittsburgh area and surrounding cities in PA of Meadville, Erie, Altoona, and Johnstown. In the adjoining State of Ohio, we service Columbus, Cleveland, Youngstown, and Canton and in West Virginia, facilities in the Morgantown area.

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