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Scranton, PA Dust Collection, Explosion Protection & Noise Control Systems

SysTech Design, Inc – Service to Northern Pennsylvania & Surrounding Areas of New Jersey and New York

Scranton, PA Industrial Dust Collectors

SysTech specializes in the design and integration of industrial ventilation systems in Scranton, PA. Dust collectors are an essential component of ventilation systems in many different industries. These devices work to separate any particulates from a stream of air, collecting it in a specialized vessel. We provide many different types of dust collectors, capable of managing dust, vapors, or a combination of the two. 

By maintaining a dust collector in your Scranton facilities, you minimize the risk of airborne particulates, safeguarding the health of your employees. SysTech offers routine maintenance and filter replacements to keep your dust collectors functioning optimally. Our industrial dust collectors in Scranton, PA, include fire and explosion protection to ensure the safety of your team and facility. 


Scranton, PA Industrial Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors work to purify the air of your Scranton work site. 

Scranton, PA Industrial Noise Control Systems

Custom noise control enclosures designed to meet attenuation requirements in Scranton, PA.

Scranton, PA Industrial Noise Control Solutions

Noise is often overlooked in the design of industrial systems. Excessive noise from your equipment can impact employees and nearby communities. SysTech designs industrial noise control solutions in Scranton, PA, helping to keep your company within the restrictions of local ordinances.

We take a personalized approach to our noise control systems, utilizing a range of noise reduction techniques to fit the needs of your facility. The noise levels of your work site can be influenced by the quantity of process equipment, the speed of your fans, and a variety of other factors. Our team can implement stack and fan silencers, acoustic wraps, equipment enclosures, vibration isolation pads, and other attenuation systems to help control the noise of your processes.



Industrial Explosion and Fire Protection Systems in Scranton, PA

At SysTech Design, we redefine industrial safety with our thoughtfully crafted fire and explosion protection systems in Scranton, PA. If your industry handles combustible dust, fire and explosion protection is paramount for the safety of your work site. We consult with clients to determine their needs based on the processes used in their facility. As a systems integration company, we offer comprehensive support for our Scranton clients, taking care of everything from supplying equipment and fabricating components to installation and periodic maintenance.

There are many factors to consider when developing an effective fire and explosion protection strategy for your company. This includes the confinement and dispersal of dust, the chemical makeup of the dust and vapors, explosion isolation, and the presence of active protective equipment. When designing a fire and explosion protection system in Scranton, PA, we work to integrate a variety of equipment into your facility such as sprinklers, isolation valves and hoppers, spark traps, abort dampers, CO2 fire suppressors, and more. 

You can rely on our Scranton system integrators to ensure your work site is up-to-code and compliant with fire safety regulations. We offer inspections and walk throughs to evaluate your systems for any hazards. Contact our team today for a consultation with one of our experts.



Scranton, PA Industrial Dust Collecting & Explosion Protection

Dust collection and clean air are integral to an effective industrial ventilation system in Scranton, PA.

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