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Industrial Noise Control Products

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Fan and Exhaust Silencers

Fan and Exhaust Silencers

The noise generated by fans, generators, and process exhaust can quickly become a significant problem, requiring attenuators, silencers, enclosures, or blanketing.

Quilted Absorber / Barrier and Enclosures

Quilted Absorber / Barrier and Enclosures

Attaching flexible curtains to a tubular frame assembly provides an efficient noise control system. A system using quilted absorber/barrier curtains is an economical, high-performance, flexible, and effective noise control product for many applications.

Paneled Noise Enclosures

Paneled Noise Enclosures

An effective means to attenuate a noise source is a prefabricated metal panel enclosure. Our standard wall panel is constructed of an 18 gauge solid exterior skin with a 22 gauge interior perforated liner, and a 4 lb/cu. ft. density acoustic fill core.

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Industrial Ventilation System Products and Complete Packages

SysTech supplies industrial-grade ventilation equipment that keeps manufacturing plants dust, fume, and mist free with acceptable air quality and compliant with necessary fire/explosion protection and noise control. Whether a new system, replacement equipment or an upgrade to an existing system, our supply house equipment assures a ventilation system performance that will meet your expectations.

With 30-plus years of application experience and a client support and service mentality, we will supply a single component or install a complete ventilation system that will solve your ventilation issues.

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