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Virtual Inspection and Walkthrough Services

Virtual inspection, walkthroughs and troubleshooting of industrial ventilation systems from clients’ cell phones, laptops and tablets, enables a quick turnaround for the collection of crucial information, determining the root cause of a problem, or giving instruction for maintenance department personnel. We’ve been effectively employing remote virtual support as needed, for proposal preparation and where critical information was needed ASAP.  This service is more relevant today than ever before, and we want to alert all clients and future clients of its availability.

Call (800) 456-9460and tell us what session you need, a preferred means of virtual contact including phone number and email address. We will follow up with a time for the virtual session.

Step 2

During the walkthrough, we will review the application with you via cell phone or tablet. We will ask questions and determine if more data is required. If more clarification is needed, we’ll set up a conference call.
A SysTech project applications associate will send an invite to you, and others you would like to be included, at the preschedule time to initiate the session. We will review data, photos, specifications, drawings or other pertinent data that will help us resolve your question(s).

In short, remote walkthroughs with videos from a jobsite, allow a fast response.  Don’t lose time until we can get to your site.  We can do the preliminary investigation and necessary data collection from our offices before we arrive.  We’ve done this for duct system layout and clearance issues, fan inlet and outlet configuration related to fan performance, source capture hoods not collecting dust and fume effectively, clogged and leaking filter elements, electrical control panel setups, dust collector cleaning system issues, replacement fan wheel, fan noise, explosion vent location, and many other problems.

Viewing ventilation equipment or systems allows us to be better understand questions or concerns about performance, repairs, or safety and for you to collect needed information before we arrive at the site or generate a proposal for equipment and services.

Viewing the question or issue allows us to be better understand the issue and for you to collect needed information before we arrive or provide a proposal.
Some issues that are important and typical requests for help:

  • Equipment goes down
  • Fire or explosion damage
  • Ventilation system failure
  • Dust source capture
  • Replacement of a fan or blower
  • Blower wheel inspection
  • Fan bearing noise detection
  • Filters inserted backwards
  • Replacement filter element evaluation
  • Ineffective dust capture at a dust collection hood
  • New OEM fan space envelope
  • Access to a machine for a noise enclosure

This SysTech service is intended for immediate initial evaluation and designed for resolution of critical issues and for answering specific system or equipment questions before preparation of a proposal for services.

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