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When you have air quality, safety, comfort or noise concerns, SysTech has the answers.

Our single source solutions provide quality components from top manufacturers, along with system design, installation, project management, replacement parts, and on-site service technicians.

Ventilation Systems

Replacement Filters

Service and Parts

For 30 years, SysTech Design has helped clients achieve safe and comfortable workplaces by:

  • Integrating the highest-rated ventilation components into complete turnkey systems.
  • Keeping up–to-date on the many products and technologies available and,
  • Supporting your needs with timely service, knowledgeable engineering assistance, and the correct solutions for your work environment.

Please give us a call and let us know how we may be of service to you. You can count on our experts to always provide a QUICK response and make the process easy!

Problems Solved!

Getting Out Of a Sticky Situation

SysTech restores safe conditions and eliminates downtime for a raw materials processor whose dust collector exhaust system was overwhelmed by heavy steam and particulate laden air.

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Where There’s Smoke… Expect a Fire!

SysTech combines dust collection and fire protection methods for a stainless steel parts fabricator, resolving their ongoing issues with smoke, sparks, and debris.

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