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The first quarter of 2021 has introduced a new round of price increases for ventilation equipment as the cost of metals, components, and resins are on the rise. Here is what we are hearing from the trusted manufacturers of our ventilation equipment.
“The price we pay for steel has steadily increased – up 60% since October.”
“has seen increasing costs for raw materials, parts, and transportation. The common theme being that normal supply and demand dynamics are returning to pre-pandemic levels.”
“Due to the continuing increases in key commodities, most notably steel, resins, and other supplier increases, …..implementing a price increase”
“Since August, 2020, Hot Rolled Coils increasing from $449/ton to $981 / ton by the end of calendar 2020, a 124% increase over a 4-month period.”
Each manufacturer uses differing amounts of steel, resins, and buyout items so that price increases will differ accordingly by equipment type.
As a technical products sales company and client advocate, our goal is to keep these price increases manageable and continue to help customers prosper during these changes. If you have a cost-sensitive application, now is the time to get it in before these costs change even further. The expectation is prices will continue to rise as the cost of goods increases across the board to the world’s consumer side.
We will keep all clients up-to-date on anticipated increases as far in advance as possible.

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