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A Newark, NJ based national supplier of water treatment carbon was experiencing significant downtime due to their air pollution control system’s filter bags being plugged with “sticky” particulate. A “sticky” black particulate collected in the after-filter and plugged and blinded the cotton sateen filter bags. As the filters were plugging the static pressure in the system increased while airflow for fume collection plummeted. To keep the system in operation, weekly, sometimes daily, filter bag change-outs were necessary. Both the filter expense and the downtime required to perform filter change-outs resulted in a constant interruption of the carbon reactivation process. The pollution control system was designed to collect emissions off of the drying process used to reactivate spent carbon*; a system that was critical to the safety of employees and compliance to OSHA. The manufacturer was exploring alternative replacement systems that would be reliable and low maintenance when they discovered SysTech Design.

Granulated activated carbon, the underlying cause of the "sticky" particulate on the collector's bags.

Granulated activated carbon, the underlying cause of the “sticky” particulate on the collector’s bags.

The existing air pollution control system was sized for 5,000 CFM; it included a cyclone dust collector and a secondary after-filter comprised of cotton sateen bags. While such a design can be sufficient and capable for many applications, the off process resin produced in the carbon drying process required a modified design. SysTech was able to resolve the issue much more cost-effectively by replacing the conventional static filtration system with an Ultra-High Efficiency Filter (UHF®) system.

The Solution: An Ultra High Efficiency Filter System

APC Technologies, Inc., a Pittsburgh, PA based manufacturer of air pollution control equipment offers a Ultra-high Efficiency Filter System (UHF®) that features a unique design developed specifically for airstreams that contain both very fine particulate and sticky fumes. Rolls of dry filter media are used in the system to provide high efficiency filtration of submicron particulate. Consistent air flow is maintained through the filter units as the system is designed to automatically index a clean section of filter media into the filtration chamber once the previous filter section is plugged. Filter roll replacement is required every three months and change-out time is a five to ten minute procedure. Another advantage is the procedure can be completed while the system and process are running. Filter media rolls are inexpensive and the system is virtually maintenance free.
*Activated carbon is typically used to remove odor, taste and other harmful contaminants from fluid systems. Over time, the carbon becomes saturated with impurities and is rendered ineffective, requiring reactivation by a drying process.

The right filter matters. With our extensive filtration experience we can recommend the best one suited to your process, without compromising the productivity. Call SysTech now at 800-456-9460.


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