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“Isolation at a hopper outlet is an important part of a complete explosion protection system.”

The National Fire Protection Association Standard 69  “Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems” details the need for isolation at the hopper outlet to prevent secondary explosions.  And per OSHA Fact Sheet, “These can be far more destructive than a primary explosion due to the increased quantity and concentration of dispersed combustible dust.” Additionally, the Standard states that the isolation devices need to be tested in accordance with the Standard and show full containment of sparks and/or flames from the connection between the hopper and the drum package.   

With the introduction of the Sealed Drum Kit (SDK) by Donaldson Torit, SysTech has another option to address isolation between the dust collector hopper outlet and a 55-gallon drum.  The 55-gallon drum is a common collection device for dust disposal, and the SDK provides a cost-effective connection piece for combustible dust applications.

Donaldson Torit Sealed Drum Kit


    • Quick connector between SDK and drum
    • Standard 55-gallon drum required
    • A passive explosion protection device without moving parts
    • Third party tested and conforms to NFPA Standard 69

SysTech continues to explore and offer options and accessories that provide an explosion protection compliant system for dust collectors, vessels, and enclosures that handle combustible dust.


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