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SysTech would like to introduce to you their newest sales associate, Corey Mui.  Corey brings high-energy and an inquisitiveness to learn the technical aspects of industrial ventilation systems.

Corey lives in Wayne, PA and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology. Corey didn’t stop there. Corey is also a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University where he completed a master’s degree in Biological Science Technology. Prior to working at SysTech Design Inc., Corey was a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in a microbiology laboratory.

Initially Corey will go thru a 2-week in-house training course on industrial fan design followed by weekly courses on noise, explosion protection, industrial ventilation and dust collection. Available factory training will ensue at Donaldson Company, Cincinnati Fan and Hartzell Fan. Reviewing real life applications will be introduced by site visits along with present sales staff to get a hands-on understanding of equipment and processes.

As he continues to get “up to speed” he will work inside for six-months as inside sales support, scheduling and project management before he moves into an assigned outside territory.

What will he do when he’s not learning his new position at SysTech?  In his spare time, Corey enjoys fishing. While Corey enjoys fishing for anything that bites, his primary hunt is for musky (Esox masquinong). When Corey is not fishing, he enjoys taking his dogs (Benny and Murphy) for walks through Valley Forge National Park with his wife Katie Mui.


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