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IEP Technologies is an international company specializing in explosion protection systems. Their product offerings include explosion vents, explosion suppression, explosion isolation, and combustible dust testing services.

The eSuppressor™ is a new high-rate discharge suppressor for explosion suppression and isolation systems. The eSuppressor™ is unique to the industry as it utilizes an electromechanical operation for activation and does not require a pyrotechnic device to discharge. The true benefit from the electromechanical operation is all the safety functions are fully monitored, which cannot be done with devices using pyrotechnic actuators. The eSuppressor™ also has a global design and includes a SIL2 third-party certification.

How does It work?

At the beginning of a detected event, the eSuppressor™ receives a signal from the explosion protection control unit. This signal triggers the eSuppressor™ valve mechanism, which consists of a “highly specified” mechanism that allows the valve flap to open extremely fast (less than 10ms). The flap opening enables the suppressant to be discharged through the nozzle system and into the protected vessel.

Features Include:

  • Unsurpassed reliability due to continuous monitoring of all safety functions.
  • Electromechanical actuation
  • Monitored Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO)
  • Cylinder pressure monitoring with temperature compensation
  • Non-explosive operation increases safety and reduces storage, licensing, and transportation concerns.
  • Third-party certification to SIL-2
  • Can be mounted on existing IEP flanges to potentially replace all members of IEP’s existing family of suppressors.
  • Integrated LEDs to indicate suppressor status.
  • Valve housing: IP67, NEMA 4X
  • It is rated for dust and gas hazardous locations.
  • Transportation licenses: TPED and UN-DOT
  • ATEX certified.
The eSuppressor™ High-rate Discharge Suppressor
Questions about your application that may need some form of explosion protection? Call SysTech Design at 800-456-9460, and we will review your application, make recommendations, and provide a solution.

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