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Despite the industry going through the COVID backlash of extended lead times and supply chain disruptions, SysTech continues to supply IEP explosion vents in standard sizes with “off the shelf” capability and, more importantly, AVAILABILITY.  In some cases, vents can ship the same day! There are over 25 standard-sized vents in stock. Custom vent sizes are also available, and their stocking program with the custom design capability readily meets the need for new or replacement vents.

Yes, we have explosion vents in stock!

Yes, we have explosion vents in stock!

Explosion Vents for Silos & Process Vessels

Timely replacing, upgrading or new installation of vents into silos, process vessels, and bucket elevators requires ready access to explosion vents or relief panels. Explosion vents or panels as required by NFPA 68Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting” latest edition are available and given the Kst of the dust and the structural integrity and design of your silo or vessel, we can determine the correct vent required.

Two Types of Explosion Vents Available

A reminder that there are two types of vents available based on your application needs. An Explosion Vent (also called Explosion Panels) as just described where the gases and debris from the deflagration are discharged outside or away from people and facilities or a Flameless Explosion Vent, which is designed to handle the event in a manner that doesn’t eject a flame front or material but only hot gas. This can be located both inside or outside with considerations for safe space where personal would not be impacted by a hot gas ejection. Flameless vents are available for both high and low-pressure systems as well as large-volume designs.

IV8 Flameless Explosion Vent

IV8 Flameless Explosion Vent

Need the vent installed? We can do that for you.
Call us at 800-456-9460, and we’ll review your application, make recommendations, and have the vent ready to ship.


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