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Fan Wheel Replacement & Service

Is your industrial fan in need of a wheel repair or maybe a complete replacement?  Would expedited shipment of a replacement keep your production “up to speed”?

  • If you need a fan or wheel replaced in less than a week, call us!
  • Replacement fan wheels for all manufacturers are available for standard and expedited delivery.
  • If your fan has frequent failures and the wheel is going out of balance or showing significant wear on the blades or liners, we can align the blades and provide wear plates to increase your fan’s performance and life.
  • Wheel sizes up to 84 inch diameter.

Available Replacement Fan Wheel Designs

  1. Airfoil – Blade cross section is that of an airplane wing. Highly efficient, clean air design. Typically applied in medium static pressure applications such as general ventilation, process heating and biomass production. Airfoil fan wheels are compatible with all types of control methods.
  2. Backward Curved – Blades are slightly curved and angled backwards. Designed to handle clean air at high volumes and medium static pressures. Typically used in a variety of industrial applications such as pollution control, cooling systems, and odor control due to it’s high volume air movement capabilities.
  3. Backward Inclined – Straight single thickness blades angled backwards. Smallest wheel diameter for given cubic feet of air per minute. Easily coated or made of special alloys. Perfect for projects such as dust collection, pollution control and oven exhaust.
  4. Radial Tip – Blades are slightly curved and angled forwards. A self-cleaning fan wheel with low wear rates, radial tip fan wheels are designed for higher specific speeds. This allows them to be used in heavy duty applications such as forced draft, incineration and abrasive airstreams.
  5. Radial – Flat blades arranged in a radial pattern off of the hub. Medium air volumes at medium to high static pressure. Typically used in a variety of industrial applications such as material handling, pollution control and dryers.
  6. High Pressure Radial – Straight blades, engineered for low-to-medium air volumes at high static pressures. These will typically include, but are not limited to, chemical processing, pneumatic conveying, and combustion air.
  7. Paddle Wheel – Straight, reinforced blades without shrouds. Designed to handle moderate air volumes at high static pressures. Typically used in material handling, dust collection and pneumatic conveying applications that require a more rugged design.

Fan Wheel Options for Erosive Airstreams

Blade liners are designed to increase fan wheel life by preventing erosion at known blade wear points.  They are typically constructed of 12 to 10 gauge carbon or stainless steel.

  • Nose Liner – Used on airfoil fan wheels, the nose liner will be secured around the widest part of the blade. It will be adding carbon or stainless steel to the existing blade, therefore making the blade thicker.
  • Backplate Liner – The backplate liner is a thicker piece of carbon or stainless steel that is secured to the back of each blade. The back of the blade comes directly into contact with the erosive airstream, which causes it to require the most reinforcement and therefore a thicker piece of steel.
  • Blade Liner – The blade liner is a thinner piece of carbon or stainless steel that is placed on the front of the blade. The front of the blade is less susceptible to erosion because it is not coming into direct contact with the airstream. This causes the front of the blade to not require as much reinforcement compared to the back of the blade.

When you’re ready to act on a replacement wheel, call us and submit our Replacement Wheel Questionnaire.

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