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Donaldson Torit again shows its product evolution capabilities to meet specific industrial air filtration needs with the release of several new designs. They include a large dust collector that targets sticky dust, a small pre-assembled plug-and-play unit, and a source capture hood with flexibility for capturing various-sized dust and fumes.

Donaldson DLMC G2 Baghouse Dust Collector


The Donaldson DLMC G2 is the latest baghouse dust collector from Donaldson Filtration Solutions. Featuring a downflow air pattern, envelope shaped filters, and a Radial Seal filter retention system, this model provides cutting-edge performance while minimizing maintenance and filter changeout times. The DLMC G2 dust collector comes with Donaldson’s proprietary iCue Connected Filtration Technology, enabling remote monitoring and data-tracking for reduced downtime and compliance insights. Additionally, the integrated inlet and pulse signature of the DLMC G2 have been optimized to evenly distribute airflow over filters and prolong filter life. 

Standard Downdraft/backdraft bench with side shields

Donaldson 2-Cartridge Downflo® Evolution Pre-assembled Dust Collector


The 2-Cartridge Downflo® Evolution Pre-Assembled (DFPRE 2) is a compact, self-contained filtration system from Donaldson Filtration Solutions. Equipped with high-efficiency cartridge filters and Ultra-Web media, the DFPRE 2 boasts a minimal footprint compared to other dust collector models. The DFPRE 2 comes with iCue pre-wired and pre-mounted for automatic data collection. This dust collector comes pre-assembled with integrated fan controls for adjustable airflow and static pressure. Additional customization options include side-mounted explosion vents and a paired Sealed Drum Kit.

Custom benches for laboratory analyses

Donaldson Torit® Fume Hood


Donaldson Torit has expanded their selection of fume and dust collectors with the release of the Torit Fume Hood. The Torit Fume Hood is designed to capture fume and dust from all kinds of applications including robotics and manual welding. Size options for the Torit Fume Hood include: 4’x6’, 6’x6’, 8’x8’, and 10’x10’. Customers can purchase additional accessories including leg and curtain packs in 8, 10, and 12 foot heights, integrated lighting kits, and a central air distribution channel. Contact SysTech today to request a quote on this product.

Standard Downdraft/backdraft bench with side shields

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