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“Explosion Isolation per NFPA 69 is required at Hopper Outlet!”


When addressing an explosion issue in a dust collector, vacuum filtration unit or pneumatic conveying system, using chemical suppression or venting, we also need to provide isolation should a fireball travel back into a facility or exit the outlet of the vessel.  Following NFPA 69 “Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems, latest edition” and NFPA 654 “Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions from the Manufacturing, Processing, and Handling of Combustible Particulate Solids”, latest Edition, when applying a passive isolation design, we incorporate an isolation flap valve in the inlet duct system and a rotary airlock on the vessel outlet.  These devices both have NFPA approvals or tested in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards.

Six (six) inch rotary airlock tested and certified to comply with NFPA 69.

Rotary airlocks are designed for continual unloading of particulate or materials that are collecting in the hopper and are required when you need a positive seal at the hopper outlet.  NFPA compliant airlocks, those that are tested and certified to comply with NFPA 69, have a close tolerance between the rotor and the housing, and at elevated temperatures, binding may occur, and small particulate sizes may create a loud squealing noise.  And the most recurring issue is material “bridging” or “hanging up” in the vessel outlet hopper.   By design airlocks require finger guards for operator safety and the guards create a point for material to bridge and build creating additional hazards and broken airlocks.

Rotary airlocks are a part of our business but when we run into problem materials or applications, we have found an alternative that solves this headache.  The XP Products Drum Kit.  The XP Products drum kit was born out of a necessity for safe changing of drums without the hang-ups.

The XP Products Drum Kit negates the need for an electrical panel with starter, disconnect, and interlock.

NFPA compliant 3rd party tested, hopper outlet isolation kit by EXP Products.

It solves the problem of providing hopper isolation, as the drum kit is NFPA 654 compliant and has the testing to prove the claim.  By solving these issues, it has satisfied many of our clients when they would have otherwise struggled with the daily or weekly headache of cleaning out their hoppers and dust collectors caused by “hang-ups” at the rotary airlock juncture.

The standard XP Drum Kit can fit a standard 48” height for a 55-gallon drum clearance without any additional modifications outside of re-drilling your hopper flange to connect the mating flange. The ease of installation provides a change that is simple and cost effective.

All kits come with drums that are rated for 1.0 bar construction.  Lifts are capable of 800-pound capacity and can be indoor or outdoor rated between -20 F to 115 F.  Also included are drum sensors that can be tied into electrical control systems to verify that the drum has been inserted and lifted into the designed collection position.

Additional options include a 20-gallon drum, grounding and bonding kits and 304 SS construction packages for food and pharmaceutical use.

The Drum kit can equally be applied to non-explosive applications. Although originally designed for isolation it has unique features that apply to general everyday use for collecting and removing materials for disposal.

If you are having issues with your airlocks or systems where collected materials won’t exit the hopper, or need to comply with NFPA for isolation, let us help you take that final leap to freedom of being safe and protected with minimal maintenance!

Collecting materials at the hopper discharge.  What is the best solution?  Depends on the specific application and the need to get it right.

When designing dust and vacuum systems, SysTech looks at safety, efficiency, ease of maintenance, capital investment and long-term cost of operation.  All system components need to meet a close review of each category.  This product scores well in all these categories.


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