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Lancaster, PA Dust Collection, Explosion Protection & Noise Control Systems

SysTech Design, Inc. – Service to Central and Northern Pennsylvania

Lancaster, PA Dust Collection Systems

Complete dust collection systems are an important offering by SysTech. We supply new systems, individual components to replace or upgrade existing systems and assist with application experience where necessary. Beyond the equipment package, we will start-up and service all the equipment we provide. Dust collectors come in a variety of configurations, including wet or dry types, cartridge collectors or baghouses, cyclones, walk-in booths, and downdraft tables. With the concern for potential explosion due to combustible dust and excessive noise in the workplace, SysTech carefully lays out a dust collection system to ensure the highest degree of safety and complete compliance to federal, state and local Codes.

The type of industrial dust collection you need, as well as the final system design, depends on many factors, including the collected particulates’ physical and chemical compositions, temperature, filtration efficiency needed, process exhaust conditions, local and federal regulations, and others.

An important part of a dust collection system is the ductwork which must be designed to keep particulate in suspension after it is collected and effectively convey it to the filtration device. Poor duct design can result in particulate settling in the duct, which creates the potential for duct collapse, leaks, fire and the environment to foster an explosion. Additional static pressure loses are also a consequence of poor duct design, which increases fan horsepower, fan wheel imbalance.

Piscataway, NJ Industrial Dust Collecting & Explosion Protection

Technical training school welding shop fume exhaust system dust collector.

Pressure blower on material conveying system.

Industrial Fans in Lancaster, PA

Fans are the most critical part of all industrial ventilation systems. Moving air through a building for general ventilation, collecting dusts, vacuum cleaning, and or moving a final product with conveying air are possible parts of most manufacturing facilities operations. Fans and blowers can be used in a positive or negative configuration depending upon the process. They can be designed for light-duty or heavy-duty applications from exhausting hot room air to conveying paper products or hazardous chemicals. Quality construction and materials of design determine the life of fans and blowers, with over and under design the most likely fault of problematic fan installations. SysTech has application experience and controls that negate most of these issues.

Explosion Protection in Lancaster, PA

Combustible dust and the potential for an explosion has been recognized as a significant danger in the workplace.  We implement industrial explosion protection strategies designed to address these combustible dust and hybrid applications.  The explosion protection plan of action that we present is based on the potential severity and proper mitigation of, dusts and hybrid dust that might result in a catastrophic event.  From initial dust testing, equipment selection, to final installation, and periodic maintenance services for your explosion protection system, SysTech will be available to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

When updating, expanding, or changing your present material/dust handling application we can provide the necessary support. We retrofit and update dust collection equipment from many manufacturers in order to meet Code by installing explosion suppression systems, explosion vents, and NFPA approved accessories. Before you relocate, or replace, a piece of equipment let us determine if it can be updated and modified to NFPA compliance before a major capital expenditure.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Explosion vents on a cartridge dust collector. 

Lancaster, PA Dust Collection Systems, Fans & Explosion Protection

Lancaster, PA Dust Collection Systems, Fans & Explosion Protection

Since 2005, Lancaster’s economy has been reinventing itself. In downtown Lancaster City people are investing in new specialty shops, boutiques, clubs, bars, and many of the existing institutions and locations. Unused industrial grounds are being converted into baseball fields for Franklin Marshall College and the Lancaster General Hospital plans to add several city blocks through the creation of a mixed-use development area.

Since 2005 when the “Gallery Row” was create, Lancaster City became a destination for artists and those who love the arts. It has continued to grow and expand, adding art galleries, vintage shops, boutiques and the Park City Center – which is the largest enclosed shopping mall in South Central Pennsylvania, with over 150 stores!

SysTech Design: Industrial Ventilation Specialists

SysTech Design company is an industrial ventilation equipment provider of fans & blowers for process and general ventilation, air pollution control, dust collection, noise attenuation, and explosion protection. Most always, we incorporate these component pieces into complete installed industrial ventilation systems. SysTech is a company that began in 1985 as a manufacturer’s representative located near Harrisburg, PA. We have acquired considerable application knowledge in dust collection, fans, and explosion protection, by successfully completing projects in PA, NJ, and MD.

Our clients are those in Food processors, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Education (High School and Collegiate level), Heavy Industrial, Light manufacturing and more.

Baltimore, MD

Regional Representative – Zach Fausnaught

Industrial Dust Collection & Explosion Protection

Phone: 717-475-3904

Inspection of a dust collector on plasma table exhaust.

Lancaster, PA – SysTech Service and Support Areas

SysTech’s location in Lancaster affords us access to clients in the nearby cities and surrounding communities of York, Reading, and Harrisburg. Being available to clients ASAP is what we try to do, and part of our company credo. Meeting with clients outside the immediate area is facilitated by great road systems in central Pennsylvania provides easy access to Allentown, Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre Scranton, and Lock Haven.

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