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Another year and here comes winter. Maybe it won’t be as cold this year? Another cool down but not as bad as last year, for sure, maybe? You know it’s coming and those areas in the shop will be just as cold as they were last winter. And, maybe the drafts along the floor that required electric heaters under the desks should be addressed this year?

Weather-Rite Make-up Air Heating Unit

Winter Demand for Heating Equipment


Yep, you’ve heard it and so have we. All is not lost, however. We can provide the heat and the ventilation you need in your plant. Don’t get caught in a surge of demand for heat as a winter storm nears. With the wintertime demand, we can get the equipment to you within a reasonable time. If you had heat issues last winter, you’ll have them this winter. Longer equipment lead times are being extended weekly by our manufacturers. Now it the time to act!

Hartzell Air Movement Heating Unit

Safety & Ventilation During Winter Months


When thinking about winter ventilation needs, temperature is not the only winter issue when doors and windows are closed. Refreshing building or plant air is important for maintaining indoor air quality during the winter months. When windows and doors are closed, ambient outdoor air is cut off and natural ventilation is shut down. Plant air gets stale with dust and fume accumulation from processes and a designed makeup air system will alleviate this issue. Along with heating needs, maybe a new dust collector or fume extractor is needed or updated?

Don’t neglect safety. Be careful when you see doors slam shut or burst open. Positive or negative building pressures create these issues that can be prevented with a designed make-up air system that provides the supplemental heat you need.

We provide solutions to industrial ventilation needs and winter ventilation is one of them. We receive heating requests that we cannot satisfy each year from our clients. Call us now and we’ll work to provide the ventilation equipment you’ll need for this winter before it’s too late. We’re here to help, call us ASAP.

Want to see how others did it? We’ve posted a few success stories of providing heat along with meeting ventilation and safety needs.

How to Shut the Door on Winter Ventilation!

It’s that time of year again, and it’s important to be proactive and remind everyone you’ll soon be closing doors and windows as the temperature falls.

Need heat? Gas fired make up air units in 48 hours!

Completing an industrial ventilation project is a good feeling, and when we supply equipment that has proven longevity, we’re confident we’ve supplied a long-term successful design. 

Stainless Steel Air Handlers Reduce Corrosive Gas Exposure

SysTech was recently contacted by a pulp and paper mill north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to address employee exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) from sludge dewatering process.


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