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All manufacturers face budgeting problems. Whether it’s the time of year, more pressing issues or maybe the economy. When capital money isn’t available and industrial ventilation systems need an upgrade or retrofitted to functioning properly, SysTech may have some answers. A non-functioning or faulty system, such as dust collection, vacuum collection, ventilation, noise and fire/explosion equipment, can create less-than-ideal working conditions and unsafe environments. Sometimes a system may just need a simple retrofit or upgrade. Dismantling the old system and installing a completely new system is not the only way to get production back up to speed.

SysTech can help with equipment and system retrofits and upgrades. Some typical applications we are called to address:


  • Fan wheel replacement – Fan and blower wheels erode over time and efficiency is lost or equipment fails. Replace the wheel instead of the complete fan assembly.
  • Fan replacement – Designed to allow more airflow, considering pressure loses, with more flow in an existing system. Can be a good option where a complete system change for ventilation and/or dust collection is not in the budget.
  • Duct changes – Industrial duct systems are frequently added too or modified for space issues without regard for pressure loses or airflow. Often, they are commercial grade construction and not suited for industrial duty. Restoring or improving duct may increase airflow and capture of pollutant, reduce horsepower requirements and extend material life.
  • Capture hoods – Collection at the source is critical to reduce required airflow and collection efficiency. Adding a new hood, redesigning an existing hood, adding a flex arm or enclosure may improve source capture efficiency.
  • Fan speed change – Use the fan you have by increasing the speed to increase airflow. This is an option if the fan construction is adequate and motor has sufficient horsepower.
    Dust collector cleaning system – If filter life has drastically shortened, the pulse cleaning system may need repair.
  • Filter life is very short – Changing the type of filter media often extends filter life and airflow with filtration efficiency improved at the same time.
  • New air filter elements – Installation of new filter elements allows our service team to evaluate the condition of the dust collector and recommend on-site “tweaks” to optimal dust collection.
  • Variable Frequency Drives – Ventilation systems can be easily adjusted to seasons and operating conditions. Energy savings is a benefit.
  • Silencers on inlet or outlet of fan/blower – Reducing plant noise can be accomplished with simply attenuating those fans and blowers that create the most noise.
    Noise enclosures – Blanketing noise producers can isolate the problem and reduce plant noise.
  • Explosion vents – Process changes and combustible dust potential can be eliminated with a vent being changed out or upgraded.
  • Electrical controls – Improving the maintenance “hands-on” requirements can be had with addition of the right controls.
  • Spot Ventilation – Implementing additional ventilation or heating in an area of concern.
  • This helps to mitigate “worst offender” areas in a plant, when a plant wide ventilation system is not in the budget

Remote Video Walkthrough

Assisting you to keep your plant functioning as required is our commitment to you.  Call us and let’s review your ventilation questions. Ask about “Remote Walk-Thru”, a remote virtual support feature that includes our live inspection and troubleshooting services.


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