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Welcome our third satellite office in Pittsburgh!

On January 1st, SysTech Design Inc. opened an office in Jefferson Hills, PA. From this location in South Hills we will be able to service the Pittsburgh Region, which includes Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. We now have offices in Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and Allentown all while running main operations in Exton, PA. Expanding to this new area is bringing John Conley, President of SysTech, back to his roots as a graduate of Duquesne University and University of Pittsburgh. We are more than excited about gaining ground in the Steel City.

Meeting the Need

The decision for a new office was prompted by the need to be readily available to our clients as well as providing a service presence in the area as a technology resource. The growth of the natural gas/fracking industry in the Marcellus Shale play required us to spend a lot of time in the area, driving to and from our Lancaster office. The new Pittsburgh office will allow SysTech to continue meeting our company value of “being there for the client”. We are now able to ensure the promise of a 2-hour maximum turn around time on client requests. We continue with our commitment to face-to-face contact rather than solely online or indirect communication. Our Pittsburgh office will meet this need.

Our Most Popular Western PA Products

Although SysTech is a manufacturer’s representative for dust collection and air moving products, we also manufacture our own product line for ventilation of natural gas compressor buildings. Our Lo-Noise™ units are installed in natural gas compressor stations at sites located in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Because noise is oftentimes criterion for new sites, these Lo-Noise™ products are designed to give industrial quality service, engineered performance and code specific noise attenuation. The supply and exhaust modules are specifically designed for each location, with consideration for surrounding noise limits, building heat load removal and explosion protection in some cases. The modules are built as “drop in place” assemblies for quick installation and easy hookup to electrical power.

Another product line that SysTech will be marketing in Pittsburgh is a result of recent OSHA requirements and NFPA Standards for handling of combustible dusts. Our team at SysTech has partnered with IEP Technologies, an explosion suppression company, to address potential explosive applications where companies are handling dust and particulate in an airstream (See our case study about this here). The devastating effects of an explosion demand that mitigation means be addressed at all manufacturing facilities. The potential goes across all lines of manufacturing; It’s a big deal and must be addressed.

Welcome Zach to Pittsburgh!

Please welcome Zach Fausnaught to Black and Gold Country, he will be managing the new Pittsburgh office.
You can reach Zach at 412- 977-3695 or by mail at:
SysTech Design Inc.
101 Chambers Lane
Jefferson Hills, PA 15025



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