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“Out with the old, In with the new.”


Over the years, there have been numerous product developments that have changed their respective industry, or even the world as we know it. A few come to mind; the automobile, the airplane, the personal computer and of course the cell phone. When it comes to the Industrial Dust Collection industry, the next groundbreaking product is here, the Ultra-Web® pleated filter bag from Donaldson Torit! Throughout their history, Donaldson Torit has set the bar in terms of how we filter industrially processed air. Their new one piece Ultra-Web® pleated filter bag replaces the old two piece polyester bag with ancillary cage assembly. These rigid pleated filters are made to fit any existing dust collector and will guarantee you 2-3 times more filter life than you are accustomed to with run of the mill polyester bags.

Ultra-web pleated filter bags.

Ultra-web pleated filter bags.

Pleated Filter Bags Equal Cost and Energy Savings

As an example of pleated bag effectiveness, SysTech Design recently fit one of our customer’s baghouses with the Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web® pleated filter bags. The customer was able to increase their square footage of filter media by 2.5 times in the same dust collector! In essence, this enabled the existing baghouse to function like a baghouse that is 2.5 times larger than it’s footprint.

The new pleated filter bags are 60” in length, which is only half the length of the old polyester bags. This results in a much larger drop out area within the collector body, which provides more efficient cleaning and minimizes abrasion. Additionally, the shortened length of the pleated bag coupled with the one piece design, resulted in a bag installation that required only half of the man hours typically associated with a bag change out, as well as half the manpower.

Don’t just take our word for it; see it for yourself!

The Results

The pleated bag installation resulted in less production downtime, as well as decreased maintenance and labor costs in comparison to changing out the old 10 foot wire cage and sock style filters.

SysTech’s customer also experienced significant energy savings. The pleated bag design allows for less pressure drop across the filters, which aids in system airflow and allows the fan to operate at a reduced duty point, resulting in energy savings. Coupled with the fact that pleated bags only require 60 PSI of compressed air (opposed to 90-100 PSI with standard polyester bags), the customer experienced a 30% savings in compress air consumption!

You too can save by switching to the Donaldson Torit pleated filter bags. You will achieve cleaner air, longer filter life and greater cost savings versus standard filter bags!

Interested in results like this, give us a call today and let SysTech save you money.


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