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Flameless vent technology is not new to our industry. It has been successfully applied when a process vessel (example is a dust collector) is located inside a facility or where explosion vents or panels cannot be used safely or compliant to NFPA Standards. The flameless explosion vent works by allowing the heat and gas to be released while quenching the flame as it exits the wall-mounted vent. While our current flameless vent is well suited for many applications, we are pleased to announce our newest addition to this passive explosion protection line, the IV8 flameless vent. The IV8 flameless vent utilizes a stainless-steel explosion vent paired with flame arresting mesh enclosed in a durable carbon steel coated frame and includes an integrated vent bust detection sensor.

Silo & Process Vessel Flameless Explosion Vents

One of the most significant differences between the current EVN flameless vent and the new IV8 flameless vent is the maximum protected vessel volume. A single EVN 735 (largest size) can cover a max vessel volume of 6 m3, while a single IV8 can protect up to 12.3 m3. This allows the IV8 to be better suited for large vessel applications where multiple EVN vents would have been required.

Standard Features of IEP Flameless Explosion Vents

Other standard features include:

  • Superior efficiency due to large mesh area.
  • A single device can protect up to 12.3 cubic meters and a maximum protected volume of 49.2 cubic meters.
  • Unique vent folding mechanism provides high venting efficiency.
  • Certified to protected applications with dust concentrations up to 1000g/m3.
  • Certified to EN16009 using state-of-the-art measurement technologies.
  • Integrated vent burst indicator.
  • Multiple inspection ports to allow easy inspection.
  • They are designed for field reconditioning.
IV8 Flameless Explosion Vent
IV8 Flameless Explosion Vent
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