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Beginning October 7th and into the following two weeks, SysTech will be doing curb-side trailer demonstrations of Hartzell Air Movement fiberglass ventilation products.  Our presenters will be a Hartzell engineer along with your SysTech Technical Sales Representative. The trailer is loaded with FRP fans including a centrifugal fan in FRP, radial pressure blower in FRP, duct axial Fan in FRP, inline axial fan in FRP, and a FRP Hooded Roof Exhauster.  You’ll also see a FRP Louver / Damper Combo, FRP inlet vane damper, FRP round butterfly damper, and an FRP rectangular damper with airfoil blades. Along with those products, displayed is a grouping of FRP wheels and props, with two showing Hartkoate and one with graphite impregnation. If you’ve seen the trailer before, you’ll want to see it again as several of the products are new and updated.
Complete FRP Exhaust System on a WWTP Plant
If you have additional time, we’ll welcome the opportunity to do a Lunch and Learn presentation. We drove the trailer to engineers and end-users in PA, MD, NJ, and DE in 2013 and 2017 and the response was overwhelmingly positive. An eye-opener for some of the engineers who had long time experience working with FRP in corrosive environments. It’s hard to describe performance and high quality, but simple to understand when you see these products.
FRP Hooded Roof Ventilator
If interested, let us know as soon as possible as our schedule is tight.  In deference to your daily schedules, we can spend 30 minutes to a half-day showing the products and if you have the time, a detailed L & L presentation on FRP fans and dampers. 
FRP Centrifugal Fans exhausting a sludge drying room
Below is a PDF from Hartzell showing more info. Please contact SysTech today to schedule!
Hartzell Experience Announcement Letter 2019

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