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Donaldson Torit P030662-016-210 RF-Bag Filter-Dura-Life


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Dura-Life Bag Filter, 4.85-inch outer diameter x 99.13-inches long, Buna O-Ring Top, Flat Sewn Bottom for RFT, RFW, HPH, HPT, HPW and other brands of baghouse collectors.

Award winning Dura-Life bag filters last 2 – 3 times longer than standard 16 oz. (453.6 g) polyester bags due to an excessive pressure drop. This combined improves performance, efficiency and the bottom line of your baghouse dust collector.

With Dura-Life, there are fewer bag changes, resulting in labor and replacement bag savings and less production downtime. Unique Dura-Life technology traps dust on the surface of the bag, allowing dust to be easily pulsed off during cleaning resulting in lower pressure drop and annual energy savings.


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