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Donaldson Torit P190817-016-436 Downflo II Cartridge Filter-Ultra-Web


This filter element is a compatible replacement for AAF #1835792-004 – DCI #P191550-016-340 – FARR #210823-007 and #210823-001 – TDC #10000667 – UAS #33-10088 and #NF20000.

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Since the early 1980s Ultra-Web technology has demonstrated longer filter life, cleaner exhaust air and a cost savings greater than other types of cartridge filter media. An electrospinning process produces a very fine, continuous outer layer of 0.2-0.3 micron (diameter) resilient fibers, forming a permanent nanofiber surface web with very small interfiber spaces that trap particulate on the surface of the filter media.

Ultra-Web cartridge filters have a13.84-inch outer diameter and a 26.00-inches length, with a 2.00-inch pleat height.  The element has open endcaps both ends, specifically designed for the Donaldson Torit Model AerTable (round access cover), CX, Downdraft bench model 2000 and 3000 and the Donaldson Torit  Downflo II dust collectors.

Not only do we provide this media in all our filter cartridge offerings, but can insert it into most of our competitor’s filters.  That means you can have all the advantages of Donaldson Torit technology in your dust collector no matter the manufacturer.  No one offers the range of filter media and the continual development of new and improved filter medias as does Donaldson.

For proven technology that delivers energy, maintenance and filter cost savings, there’s only one solution — Donaldson Torit.


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Filter Media Options

P190817-016-436, P190818-016-436 FLAME RETARDANT, P031790-016-436 SPUN BOND, P191133-016-431 FIBRA-WEB, P190914-016-340 HIGH TEMPERATURE, P190911-016-340 CELLULEX

Donaldson Torit® Products Product Attributes
Current Brand: Donaldson Torit
Former Brand: Torit
Media Type: Ultra-Web
Filter Area (sq ft): 254.00
Outer Diameter (inches): 13.84
Inner Diameter (inches): 9.46
Length (inches): 26.00
Temperature Limit (F): 180
Outer Liner: Yes
Pleat Height (inches): 2.00
Construction: Galvanized
End Cap Construction: Open/Open
Shape: Round


Filter used for Downdraft benches and Downflo II (2.0" pleat)

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