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Donaldson Torit P191562-016-340 LG TD Cartridge Filter- Endura-Tek FR


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Endura-Tek Flame Retardant Cartridge Filter, 12.74-inch outer diameter x 26.00-inches long, Open/Closed with 0.53-inch Bolt Hole Endcaps for AerBooth, Bin Vent, ECB, Large TD, MTD, ProBooth and other brands of cartridge collectors.


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Current Brand: Donaldson Torit
Former Brand: Torit
Media Type: Endura-Tek, Flame Retardant
Filter Area: 226.04 Sq Ft (21 Sq M)
Outer Diameter: 12.74 Inches (323.6 MM)
Inner Diameter: 8.38 Inches (212.85 MM)
Length: 26.00 Inches (660.4 MM)
Temperature Limit: 180 F (82 C)
Flame Retardant: Yes
Liner: Yes
Pleat Height: 2.00 Inches (50.8 MM)
Construction: Galvanized
End Cap Construction: Open/Closed with Bolt Hole
Shape: Round

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