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Donaldson Torit P199447-016-002 Dalamatic Filter Bag – Singed Polyester


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Polyester Bag Filter, 19.49-inch flat width x 59.29-inches long, Felt Cuff Top, Flat Sewn Bottom for DLMV 9/15, 15/15, 18/15, 30/15, 45/15, 60/15, DU 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, 150, 180, 225, DLMC X/X/15 and other brands of baghouse collectors.


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Product Attributes
Current Brand: Donaldson Torit
Media Type: Polyester Singed
Filter Area:1.49 Sq m (16.04 Sq Ft)
Outer Diameter:315.21 mm (12.41 Inches)
Flat Width:495.05 mm (19.49 Inches)
Length:1505.97 mm (59.29 Inches)
Temperature Limit:135 C (275 F)
Fabric Weight: 16 oz/sq yd
Top Construction: Felt Cuff
Bottom Construction: Flat Sewn

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