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Tube Axial Fans – Cincinnati Fan

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Performance Range: Up to 44,500 CFM and 10″ WG.

Features Included:

  • One-piece cast aluminum prop, available on all models.
  • Multi-piece cast aluminum prop available on BAF models, sizes 12″-24″.
  • Optional steel props.
  • Adjustable motor base and external grease fittings.
  • Integral rolled flanges on all fans 12″-42″.
  • Welded angle iron flanges.
  • Continuous duty, TEFC motor standard on DDF models and EXP motors are available.
  • Standard construction, air stream temperatures up to 175º.


  • BAF– Used for clean dry air applications. Max temperature 175ºF.
  • TAF- Used for clean dry air applications. Max temperature 200ºF.
  • WAF- Used for moisture laden air or other air stream contaminants. Max temperature 200ºF.
  • HTF- Used for high temperature dry air applications. Do not use where high moisture concentrations are present. Temperature range 201ºF to 375ºF
  • WAF/HTF– Same as model HTF except with moisture displacement collar and front seal plate from WAF model. Temperature range 201ºF to 375ºF.


  • Belt guard
  • Galvanized motor cover/belt guard
  • Inspection door
  • Inlet bell with guard
  • Inlet bell
  • Inlet or outlet guard
  • Companion flange (angle iron)
  • Support legs
  • Support clips (horizontal or vertical)
  • high temperature construction up to 375ºF.

The unit shown is a BAF size 24.


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