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Walk-In Clean Air Stations – DualDraw

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Walk-in clean air stations are ideal for problem facility areas where hoods, fume arms, or downdraft tables are not ideal at capturing smoke, dust, or fumes. Either a multistep process or working on large items, the walk-in clean air stations can be designed to handle all. The walk-in enclosures are powered with DualDraw’s Power Wall as the collection source which contains the fan and filtration units. Many factors, like size of the enclosure and opening size of the walk way, will determine how many Power Walls are required for the application. Power Walls can be paired with many filter options allowing them to be well versed for many applications. Filters types range from disposable panel filters, activated carbon, self-cleaning cartridges, HEPA filter, or even water filtration.


  • Pleated filtration
  • Self cleaning filtration
  • Wet filtration
  • Regain air system


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