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SysTech Design recently hosted a customer visit to Cincinnati Fan located in Mason, Ohio. The visit provided a great opportunity for the OEM to walk the production floor and better understand the manufacturing process of the fans and blowers they are currently implementing into their systems.

During the visit, we had the opportunity to achieve better insight into one of Cincinnati’s most recent product expansions, Daniel’s Fan. The Daniel’s Fan line has allowed Cincinnati to expand their product offering into larger Backward Inclined (BI), Backward Curved (BC), Industrial Plug, and High-Temperature Fans. Their increased manufacturing capabilities now allow them to construct fans with up to 73” wheel diameter, 80,000 CFM, 105” of WG, and temperatures up to 2,200° F.

Daniels Fan in assembly area at Cincinnati Fan manufacturing facility.

New Size, Same Quality

Despite the expansion into new sizes, capabilities, and markets, customers can expect the same attention to quality, and dedication to customer service, that they experience with the other Cincinnati Fan products that include their Cast AluminumPressure Blowers.

SysTech is excited to continue getting these Industrial Fans out into the field and looks forward to hosting future customer visits to our manufacturer’s facilities. Nothing can substitute the experience of meeting the people responsible for making your product and strengthening the relationship between your businesses.

High efficiency Backwardly Curved wheel for a Daniels Fan.

Need an Industrial Exhauster for your project that requires higher airflow? We have that for you in a Daniels Fan, designed, fabricated, and assembled with the knowledge and care our clients know and expect from Cincinnati Fan products.


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