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In our current situation of safe space and social distancing, there are legitimate concerns about our everyday interactions and how we proceed as the current pandemic is better understood. We are going to be living with a different set of standards and requirements as we regain access to our daily work activities and procedures. 

Typical Dental Office Environment

At SysTech, we recognize this immediate challenge with close proximity and oral care.  When working in the dental and laboratory environments to implement the removal of contaminated ambient air from immediate work or patient spaces, the need to minimize procedure inefficiencies while keeping patients and professionals safe is ongoing.

We’ve worked with individual Dental offices to retrofit/upgrade their facilities or implementing new office layout and designs, working with engineers and architects specializing in Dental Office Planning and Dental Office Ergonomics.

Protection against a potentially contaminated airstream is addressed for patients and dental professionals including Dentists, Dental assistants, Dental Laboratory Technicians, Orthodontist, Periodontists, and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Removing contaminated air with an air extraction system that is ergonomically designed to allow positioning close to the patient, or in the lab, the work surface, providing source capture of contaminated air.  Procedures such as teeth cleaning or filling, scaling and planing, banding, bonding, laboratory adjustments, and extractions can be implemented with confidence.

It does not negate the need for normal PPE,  creating a negative air zone in and around the work area to capture and remove potential germs, biologicals, and viral expectorants before they can be transmitted.

Articulating Air Extraction Arm with Hood

Our air extraction systems include one or more articulating extraction arms that are easily positioned and adjusted as needed, hood or collection nozzle, duct, and a remote exhaust fan. The extraction arm is self-supporting and lockable and is constructed of aluminum tubing with polypropylene joints. The joints are easily manipulated for a more adaptive and comfortable workspace for techs, operators, and doctors alike. The system has a low-pressure requirement, which allows low fan horsepower for extraction airflow, and low noise levels to avoid disruptive noise or distraction during procedures.

Extraction Arm with Nozzle

Hoods are available as round or rectangular, nozzles are cut on a 30-degree slant with the air exhaust system based on your individual requirements.

These air extractor arms (link to arm page on the website) are the “benchmark” for source capture in laboratories, schools, universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical research labs, hairdressing salons, and the electronics industry, making them a perfect fit for dental offices.  The arms are available in 2, 3, 4-inch diameters depending upon exhaust airflow required and are offered in wall and ceiling mount designs with escutcheon plates and optional specialty hoods.


At SysTech, collecting and exhausting contaminated air is what we do as industrial ventilation specialists.  We do not stop at extraction arm supply but configure and install complete air exhaust systems. Depending upon a client’s needs, we will help with the layout and design of the system, inclusive of an extraction arm or arms, an exhaust fan, duct, and electrical controls, to ensure an effective operation from day one.  Let us be your resource to guide you through these new requirements to aide in a safer, productive dental or research laboratory environment for everyone!


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