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SysTech Design Inc. has issued/posted their “Seven C’s of an Air Pollution Control System”. The 7Cs is a video depicting a typical dust collection system wherein the importance of equally important “key” components of a dust collection system design are presented. Along with the video is a Power Point Presentation of dust system design components and their integration into the completed system. The videos have been used by SysTech for Lunch and Learns and Professional Development Hour (PDH) presentations.

John Conley, of SysTech Design, points out “The concept of the Seven Cs originated in 1985 by people much smarter than I was as a fledgling design engineer. The original concept was only four Cs! The idea that the system was much larger than the parts and the negative impact of one of the components not fitting properly were pounded into my head.”

Further supported by what we’ve seen and experienced over the years, SysTech has taken the philosophy to the web with the urging of others.

If you’d like more information about the animation or a presentation, featuring our exclusive PowerPoint on the topic, for your staff or department, contact us today!


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