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Air Filter Housings

“Industrial Ventilation Equipment with Solutions!”

HEPA Filter Housings

HEPA filter housings for recirculation or as final filters for process airstreams. Housings are side access, incorporating HEPA or ULPA filters, with designs up to a Bag-in / Bag-out, bubble-tight valving option.

MERV Filter Housings

MERV Filter Housings

Front and side load multi-stage filter housings for filtration of supply airstreams.

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Industrial Ventilation System Products and Complete Packages

SysTech supplies industrial-grade ventilation equipment that keeps manufacturing plants dust, fume, and mist free with acceptable air quality and compliant with necessary fire/explosion protection and noise control. Whether a new system, replacement equipment or an upgrade to an existing system, our supply house equipment assures a ventilation system performance that will meet your expectations.

With 30-plus years of application experience and a client support and service mentality, we will supply a single component or install a complete ventilation system that will solve your ventilation issues.

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