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Most manufacturers rely on other suppliers for vital components to their equipment, and the same holds for SysTech’s respected list of represented companies. Down the supply chain, this trickle effect has plagued global manufacturing and caused unexpected extended delivery times and price increases. Our manufacturers have been stockpiling essential parts, seeking alternate suppliers, and anticipating the need to minimize disruptions.
The combination of long lead times and many company’s strained or understaffed maintenance teams has led to an unfortunate rise in extended and EXPENSIVE downtime due to equipment failure. We are urging (reminding, begging) our clients to be proactive and address existing and potential problems now to have important pieces on hand before the need arises. Being proactive can reduce the amount of downtime and revenue lost if equipment goes down. Purchasing and stocking filters for multiple filter changeouts is now standard practice. Replacement parts such as shafts and bearings, fan wheels, and wear parts in general are being ordered ahead of time.  It is not uncommon in today’s climate for some of these parts to take 5-7 Weeks to be replaced.  That said, the importance of having spares on hand cannot be stressed enough.
As summer ends, we turn the corner into fall and winter, and the change of seasons may not be forgiving if equipment fails.  Servicing of existing equipment, replacement filter inventory, specialty motors, critical replacement components, or equipment needs for new ventilation systems should be closely reviewed as we roll into the coming months.  Heating units should be ordered now to be utilized this winter.
Empty warehouses due to the supply chain failure

What can you do?

  • Order ahead.   Maybe a fan is noisy, suggesting a fan wheel balance issue. Order a replacement wheel now.
  • Order quantity to extend the “change-out” period. Extra filters for multiple changeouts.
  • Change type of filter media to extend replacement intervals.
  • Change system to use mechanical filtration systems.
  • Change type of component materials of construction.
  • Change the location of system components where explosion potential is not an issue.
  • Have backup components in stock – Fans, fan wheels, shafts, and bearings, etc.
  • Call us and request a ventilation system review. A walk-through to identify existing or future issues with components or systems.
  • Call and get new ventilation system support along with budgeting requirements.
Frustration over equipment delivery is at an all-time high. The supply chain failure is a real issue and ramping back up to pre-covid times and complete staffing will take time.
We cannot stress enough to all our present and future clients to evaluate their equipment as there will be entirely unexpected breakdowns. As your trusted Industrial Ventilation supplier, we will do our utmost to repair existing equipment or get the necessary replacement equipment or parts. Still, nothing can substitute for foresight and preparedness.
When will this crisis end?  Our manufactures don’t have that answer.  They will be upfront with expected ship dates, update ship dates if they change, and order parts for their products in quantity, so they are in stock.
If you have questions about any of your existing equipment, recommended spare parts, up-to-date pricing, or current lead times, please get in touch with your SysTech representative, and they will be happy to assist.

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