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Meet the new standard for baghouse dust collectors established by Donaldson Torit. The high-efficiency Donaldson Rugged Pleat (RP) Baghouse sets the bar with a new and improved performance standard for industrial dust collection systems. It is another essential part of a dust collection system that SysTech will use when addressing high volume abrasive airstreams. Typical abrasive airstream applications where the RP has shown it be the “best choice” include woodworking, mining, metal, and grain industry.

The new Donaldson Model RP Dust Collector

Benefits of the Rugged Pleat Baghouse Design for Industrial Dust Collection Systems

The design of the RP combines an integral cyclone pre-cleaner ahead of the high-efficiency filter section of the baghouse.

The filtration section includes significant RP features and benefits:

  • Up to 44% fewer filter elements are required. The new RP filters have been designed to maximize the amount of media per filter.
  • Filter Media: Ultra-Web® Spunbound filters are designed to handle the abrasive dust, but they also provide 94% fewer emissions than the standard singed polyester bags.
  • Performance & Energy Efficient: The PerfectPulse™ cleaning system increases filter life by focusing the cleaning energy over the filter length and extending life. Cleaner filters with the PerfectPulse results in less filter change out and better energy savings! This system enables the Rugged Pleat to be used in harsh environments without concerns about issues related to compressed air generation, as it uses cleaning air instead of compressed air.

The RP comes with a control panel that monitors the entire system and keeps it running optimally. Features such as an air flow controller manipulate fan speed to optimal levels depending on the age of the filters.

The Rugged Pleat baghouse control panel

Rugged Pleat Baghouse Maintenance Advantages

Donaldson engineering designs all their dust collectors to be easier to access and maintain than traditional units. The RP is no exception. Controlling the maintenance costs of an Industrial Air Filtration System is where the Rugged Pleat shines.

Say goodbye to 8, 10, or 12-foot filter bags and cages, as this baghouse uses 5-foot Rugged Pleat filters that are much easier to handle. With Donaldson Seal Lock filters take about half the amount of time to replace snap-in felt bags and cages. A reduced profile improves accessibility for maintenance.

Call us now at 800-456-9460 and let us review your project – maybe this is the best dust collector for your application!

The Rugged Pleat Baghouse – winner of the Product of the Year Award by Waterloo Filtration Institute

The Waterloo Filtration Institute advances technical competence by connecting the filtration industry and academia to achieve operational excellence.

On December 15th 2020 the Donaldson Torit Rugged Pleat baghouse received the Waterloo Filtration Institute Product of the Year Award.

Judges based their decision on these criteria:

  • Unique design
  • Ease of use
  • True change in design
  • Newer configuration
  • Benefits to consumer



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