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First Quarter 2018 edition of SPRAYTIME

In the first quarter 2018 edition of SPRAYTIME (Published by the International Thermal Spray Association, A Standing Committee of the American Welding Society), Adam Conley is interviewed sharing his knowledge of air handling fans in dust collection systems. Paul Richard, Donaldson Co., Inc., OEM Accounts Manager, explores how local climate affects process exhaust and dust collection systems in his article “Local Considerations in Thermal Spray Dust Collection” in SPRAYTIME magazine.

The article addresses design and operation parameters that are sometimes overlooked.

Keeping your dust collection system running optimally, makes it important to review surrounding environmental factors such as temperature, altitude, wind and seismic design, as well as the location or positioning of the physical dust collection system. These parameters have impacts that affect the collection efficiency on the dirty airstream, cleaning of collected particulate from the filter media and the cleaned recirculation airstream or discharge.

Resultant factors that could impact your total collection system include condensation in the duct, dust collector or compressed air line, reduced fan performance as density changes with temperature and elevation, structural integrity of the collector and duct based on weather conditions and potential catastrophic events, electrical power requirement to operate the fan, and compressed air usage.

Mr. Richard presents an important reminder of why and how we need to address these criteria proactively. Understanding and addressing the potential impacts of each one of those factors mentioned will determine the system collection efficiency and time spent maintaining a thermal spray dust collection system. It’s our goal to consider every element of design so your dust collection system is protected and is at optimal performance. Don’t risk overlooking even small details – call SysTech at 800-456-9460 so we can put our experience to work for you.

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