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Industrial Extraction Arm System SysTech has announced a new relationship with extraction arm manufacturer Movex. Movex is a domestic subsidiary of Fumex AB of Sweden, with over 40 years of experience in the source capture of airborne pollutants. Headquartered just outside of Bethlehem, PA, Movex warehouses an impressive lineup of industrial and laboratory grade arms. SysTech’s alignment with Movex ensures that they have the critical equipment necessary for a wide-assortment of industrial applications requiring source capture and extraction.

The range of Movex products includes extractors for removing weld smoke and harmful fumes in industrial environments, airborne pollutants in laboratory/pharmaceutical settings, and applications related to removal of vehicle exhaust gases. As regulatory agencies continue to limit worker exposure limits, source fume extraction continues to gain attractiveness.

Movex industrial arms are uniquely designed with external arm supports to reduce pressure drop (while lowering motor horsepower requirements) and mitigate internal blockages. Each arm model has a host of different variations, including pharmaceutical grade construction, corrosion-resistant materials, and grounded/anti-static designs for use with combustible dusts. Movex offers a lineup of local extractors for use in labs, pharmaceutical settings, schools, and electronics manufacturing. Their arms incorporate a low pressure loss joint design to reduce system energy usage. All arms are available with options customizable for the specific application.

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Multiple Laboratory Extractor Arm System

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