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Seeing is believing! We have found that no matter how much literature you hand out, how many articles you write or videos you present, there is just nothing as good as a “show and tell” display. Just like we all learned in grade school! SysTech visited regional engineering firms with a product trailer having “key” components to a pharmaceutical dust collection system. The trailer contained:

  • A Donaldson Torit Model DFO with “bag in-bag out” filter cartridges
  • An IEP Technologies- Fenwal ProFlap II Isolation Valve
  • A Donaldson Posiflate Double Dump Valve Assembly with continuous liner
  • An Ayrdyne multi-function industrial controller with intuitive user interface.

The walk-in trailer had a back and side opening panels for viewing the equipment. Access into the trailer provided a “hands on” close look at the detailed engineering of each piece.

The items in the trailer displayed equipment required for a typical pharmaceutical dust collection system, but most of the equipment could be applied to almost any dust collection system. Eight stops were made with over 100 participants having a close-up look at the equipment. The reception was overwhelming, with a lot of interest and many great questions. Based on those questions, additional equipment will be added to the trailer display including a Cincinnati Fan Model PB 4 HM Blower and an IEP-Fenwal Sodium bicarbonate suppression bottle.

Our two day trip schedule for the trailer is once or twice a month depending upon demand. Next requested stop is in New Jersey! Don’t want to wait to catch us on the road? SysTech representatives can be reached at 800-456-9460 to answer questions or schedule a stop at your company.


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