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Effective Industrial ventilation systems are more than moving air, but rather moving clean tempered air to and from a facility with reduced noise, safe from fires and explosion and with maximum efficiency.

To best show those key components, SysTech developed an “Industrial Ventilation System Pentagon” that is a representation of those key elements that need to be considered when designing a compliant industrial ventilation system.

Fans & Blowers – Moving air with or without the conveyed product is done with these workhorses. Efficiency and product longevity are important.

Dust, Fume & Mist Collection – Cleaning the air is vital to be able to reuse it. Other air cleaning products would include MERV air filters, HEPA filters for recirculation, etc. In all cases, filter efficiency and longevity are design considerations.

Explosion Protection – The combustible dust issue is a major concern, and if airborne materials are being generated in the manufacturing process, potential explosion needs to be considered. Determining your dust issues and having the dust tested are critical to a safe workplace.

Noise Control – Too much noise is an issue that accompanies manufacturing processes and the equipment used to control fume dust and mist. On-site sound analysis and addressing these issues at their source is an important first step.

Building Ventilation – Ventilation is keeping an area free of pollutants, maintaining a comfortable environment from a temperature standpoint, and circulating clean, fresh air into plant spaces. Cost effective ventilation should be at the forefront of an investigation.

SysTech’s “Industrial Ventilation System Pentagon” was an idea to present those key components necessary for a safe, healthy, and productive workplace where clean air is the primary goal. The well-known explosion pentagon points out the key components for an explosion to occur, while our pentagon presents those components to be carefully considered when designing a ventilation system for an industrial environment.

Our ventilation systems are designed for a safe, healthy, and productive workplace. Sound like something you need? Give us a call and see what we can recommend.


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