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IEP Technologies has delivered the latest in passive explosion isolation valve technology to meet the rigorous demands of ATEX and NFPA/OSHA.  In applying the principals set forth with previous products IEP the time to develop, test and launch their new offering. The IFV-M (Isolation Flap Valve-Monitored) valve takes into account 3rd party testing as a protective system according to EU Direction 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive) and is approved for isolation of dust explosions.

To meet the OSHA Combustible Dust Directive, NFPA 654, NFPA 69 the valve is integrated with an accumulation level in the valve body and the blade position closure sensor.  Additionally, the valve is provided with a factory installed and supplied mechanical locking device to hold the flap closed in the case of an explosion.

The operation of the valve is no different than other designs in that the flap blade is held open by the process airflow, in case of an explosion the pressure front closes and locks the blade in place, mitigating the propagation of the flame and pressure to the upstream equipment.  

The IFV-M (Isolation Flap Valve-Monitored)

The valve is made from carbon steel and has been tested for corrosion by way of a salt spray corrosion test to ensure long life in the process of a system.  The flap itself is made of high strength stainless steel, custom designed for these valves. The valve features a cylindrical design, coupled with the low loss performance of the flap allowing the valve to be tested to lower static pressure loss requirements than previous models. This has yielded less loss through the device and requires less force to open the valve which is big for system designers utilizing the product. 

The valve has been designed to handle high P Reduced requirements of up to 1 bar for the smaller sizes and down to 0.45 bar for the largest sizes.  Currently offering sizes 4-inch to 8-inch diameter up to 300 KST (ST1 and ST2 Dust) and from 10 inches to 28 inches a maximum of 200 KST (ST1 Dust).  Larger valve sizes are planned for release soon.

The IFV-M Interface Module

One of the other major advancements with this product has been the integral IFV-M Interface Module.  This device is provided with three (3) cables. Two (2) 2-meter cables for power and shutdown to customer supplied controls and one (1) 10-meter cable for power to the sensors to link the valve and module together.  This allows the device to provide feedback on operation in real time, inclusive of triggers for accumulation and valve flap closure. It will provide outputs to a customer supplied control panel to shut down in the event of an explosion.

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