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Every design engineer has been told to follow the KISS Principal or “Keep It Simple Stupid.”  Making something overly complex by design or bad choices in components can result in maintenance issues down the road.  While designing and installing dust systems, I’ve seen the same user errors being reproduced because equipment and controls were not kept simple.  A pulse clean dust collector is a simple system that sometimes is made more complex than it is. It’s not about lack of commitment or level of technical understanding; it’s just one of those things that seem to get “screwed-up” easily.

That said, we’ve discovered and now routinely apply a “KISS” compliant monitoring system to all our dust collection systems.  The system, the AyrDyne monitor, is the perfect adjunct to both new and retrofit dust collector systems.  There have been attempts in the past to produce this type of control/monitoring with minimal success, but the AyrDyne displays the important functions required to operate a dust collection system in an easily understandable concept while offering many additional application specific input and output options.  With the AyrDyne you will see the following benefits:

  1. You will know the “health” of your system because it’s displayed on an easily viewed “user friendly” touch screen that displays important cleaning system information, which will result in extended filter life, reduced compressed air usage and minimized HP requirements.
  2. You will know if your system is functioning as originally designed and see maximum filter life with minimal cost to operate the system while maintaining design airflow and source capture velocity.
  3. The AyrDyne will alert maintenance personnel to change filters and repair solenoids or pulse valves if necessary.
  4. The responsible operator can easily see the status of their dust collection system without the need to carry a case of probes and gauges.

The basic features include…

  • System VFD controls via pressure or duct velocity through piezometer ring.
  • Touch screen for ease of use and less clutter on the face of the control panel.
  • Multiple screens, allowing the user to see filter differential pressure, the status of the fan, airlock and associated components in the dust collection system.
  • Available on-demand cleaning, downtime cleaning, or individual cleaning of specific solenoids.
  • An alarm banner for full notification on the main panel with outputs to the building automation system.
  • Password protection.
  • Automatic or manual VFD frequency control to maximize filter life long term.
  • An hour meter for preventative maintenance and proper health compliance of the system.

Optional features available, when needed, include….

  • BAS outputs via BACNET or MODBUS for output to customer systems.
  • Provisions to tie in NC dry contacts for remote start and stop by the customer.
  • Broken bag and hopper dust level indication.
  • NEMA 4 or NEMA 7/9 enclosures.
  • Fire suppression links.
  • Explosion protection links for isolation valves or suppression/isolation systems.

If you would like to purchase fewer replacement filters and see longer intervals between filter replacements the AyrDyne is the ideal choice.  If you’re a design engineer, the AyrDyne is an excellent choice to integrate into your clients building control requirements. When in doubt, call SysTech at 800-456-9460. We can break down into simple terms the advantages of the AyrDyne so you feel confident that you’re taking steps to extend the useful life of your dust collector filters.


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