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We recently posted an alert about pending price adjustments due to increased materials cost.  These were not unexpected as we typically see some adjustments at year-end.  Now, as we are all continually dealing with COVID-related challenges, we need to alert everyone that our manufacturers are having supply chain issues and we see significant delays in the delivery of equipment.

Manufacturers employees on all levels are getting the virus. Staffing is not at 100%, and internally changed job responsibilities or new hires (if they can be found) cannot get “up to speed ” fast enough. A prime example is welders. These are experienced workers that we often take for granted, but final products’ quality and reliability rely on their skill set. Secondarily, we have equipment handlers and shippers of the manufacturing plant’s products to the job site that requires job knowledge to keep the job flow as scheduled.

Supply Change Disruptions
Supply Change Disruptions

When our manufacturers can not get the parts and buy out items needed, they have serious supply chain issues and cannot meet quoted shipping dates.  Recent examples we’ve encountered include steel products, bearings, belts, motors, electrical components, and resins for FRP products.

Moreover, delivery delays are inconsistent and sometimes come out of the blue. Still, as valued clients, we want to sound the alarm and ask for your help in understanding and changing traditional purchasing methods.  Too many failures are quickly blamed on COVID, but it is a fact, and we need to change our habits to minimize frustration best. I am asking that if you anticipate a project or the need for a particular item, give us as much lead time as possible. Communicate your needs far in advance. We will search and alert the manufacturers of the requirements and “lock in” a delivery schedule.  And if alternatives are available, we will research and make those known.

There are no guarantees, but we will do our best to complete projects in a respectable time.  Thank you for your understanding.


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