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Anatomy of a Dust Collection System by SysTech Fan Silencer sized to attenuate fan noise to 70 dBA sound pressure at outlet. VAW Systems Ltd Exhaust Silencer pictured Side-mounted Industrial Exhaust Fan controlled with a Variable Frequency Drive. Exhaust Fan by Cincinnati Fan Industrial Dust Collector fitted with high-efficiency cartridge filters. Cartridge Dust Collector by Donaldson Torit Rotary Airlock at hopper outlet is tested per NFPA 69 criteria and part of the explosion protection system. Custom Control Panel integrates collector VFD controller and explosion protection system into plant BAS. Industrial Duct System including hoods and fittings, designed per American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). NFPA 69 combustible dust compliant Isolation Flap Valve on inlet duct. Isolation Flap Valve by IEP Technologies A comprehensive Dust Collection System should integrate safety, efficiency and long-life features. Request a Free Consultation Today

Air Pollution Control Systems

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SysTech provides a broad range of air pollution control systems that address Clean Air Act pollution control mandates and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns. Whatever the contaminant—particulate, odor, VOCs, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, oil mists, or metal fumes—we will identify and install the correct air pollution control technology. Whether you need to capture a process exhaust discharge, a potent compound, or a nuisance contaminant, SysTech has your solution.

Air Pollution Control Benefits

Air pollution control is an essential aspect of industrial manufacturing for many reasons, from regional environmental impact to promoting the health and safety of plant workers and the proper functioning of equipment and machinery. Whether addressing pollution discharge from a tall stack proceeded by an air pollution control system or maintaining the quality of an indoor plant environment using an air turnover design, SysTech can help to achieve required air quality for almost any environment.  Meeting air pollution control regulations is a must.

Air Pollution Control Equipment & Systems

  • Industrial Dust Collection Systems – Industrial dust collection needs can be managed with a number of technologies including cartridge dust collectors, downdraft tables, environmental control booths, pharmaceutical containment for potent compounds, baghouse dust collectors, indexing fine particulate filter, and industrial HEPA filter units.
  • Industrial Vacuum Systems – Source capture and material conveying, housekeeping, and systems designed to prevent deposition of and augment “clean-up” of combustible dust.
  • Wet Scrubbers – Fume scrubbers and wet scrubbers limit stack emissions as well as protect workers from inhaling toxic elements emitted by industrial operations.
  • Welding Exhaust Systems – Harmful fumes generated in plant environments must be contained to avoid health risks. Weld smoke collectors clean the air and protect workers from inhaling toxic elements emitted by manufacturing operations.
  • Fume Extraction Arms – Source capture of a pollutant is the most cost-effective way to manage air pollution. When these sources are not stationary, extraction arms a means to effectively manage the dust collection.
  • Oil Mist Collectors – Work environments must be protected from the dispersion of industrial metalworking fluids such as straight oil or water-soluble coolants, which are process generated in the form of mists.
  • Dust Control Booths – Encapsulating a pollutant source is an excellent means to control indoor air pollution. When tools used in the manufacture or the assembly process expel particulate and fume away from a source capture device such as an extraction arm or downdraft table, rigid metal and noise blanket enclosures allow safe and complete capture of the smoke and fume.
  • Source Capture Hoods – Collecting pollutants at the source is the best way to minimize the cost and complexity of the air cleaning device. Hoods are available as off-the-shelf items or customized to fit around process machinery to ensure minimal airflow and maximal capture.
  • Downdraft Tables and Benches – Positioning an air cleaning downdraft table or bench at the work point is an excellent way to improve productivity while maintaining a safe and clean workspace.
  • Industrial Air Filtration Systems – Air filter assemblies that include a filter housing, transition(s) to a duct system, and air filter elements. These are side access filter housings designed for MERV rated panel filters, bag filters or HEPA and ULPA filters for the handling of high potency materials or incorporated into return air systems.  

  • Dust Collector Filters – Full complement of available replacement dust collector filters when the need arises.


Air Quality Control Manufacturers

We partner with manufacturers that offer a complete range of products to meet the most stringent emissions criteria and air pollution control regulations for your air quality needs.

APC Technologies, Inc.
UHF® Ultra High-efficiency Filtration system, venturi & gas scrubbers, and carbon adsorption systems.

Donaldson® TORIT®
Donaldson is a world leader in filtration equipment serving the needs of woodworking, pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing, power generation, semiconductors, transportation, and more. Innovating new filtration technologies such as the Downflo® Evolution DFE and the PowerCore® Dust collectors, delivering outstanding products, and providing superior customer support are all Donaldson hallmarks. Donaldson® Torit® helps manufacturers get cleaner air with dust & particulate filtration solutions.

DualDraw, LLC
For indoor air quality issues using isolation booths, downdraft tables, and walk-in enclosures, DualDraw is the solution with panel filter, self-cleaning cartridge filter, or wet dust collector downdraft equipment. Their Model BG-WG Downdraft Table is code compliant to capture and contain combustible dust, including aluminum, magnesium, or titanium.  Custom designs are available to meet your application requirement.

SysTech Design can take care of all your air quality control needs.

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