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Industrial Air Systems

SysTech has extensive knowledge and experience in developing industrial air systems. We configure industrial air systems using quality components and the proper materials of construction. The result is industrial air systems that effectively and efficiently address your air moving and control needs.

Air system design is about:

  • Minimizing the pressure loses thru the system
  • Minimizing horsepower requirements
  • Controlling airflow
  • Selection of duct to minimize erosion
  • Maintaining airflow thru system to minimize particulate and material deposition
  • Maintaining the integrity of duct and components by selection of proper materials of construciton

Industrial Dampers and Louvers – Industrial dampers/louvers provide control, isolation, back draft prevention, and/or pressure relief in industrial air systems. SysTech is your trusted source for louvers and dampers used for industrial and heavy duty applications.

Industrial Duct Systems – Properly designed and fabricated duct, elbows and components are essential to an efficient industrial air system. SysTech offers duct and fittings in many construction options including carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, FRP and PVC.

Flexible Connectors – For optimal long term duct integrity in industrial air systems, SysTech is your source for expansion/flexible joints.
Industrial Air Systems Manufacturers


We represent the most trusted manufacturers, and offer a full selection of products to meet most industrial air system applications.

American Warming & Ventilating
As a proven engineering and manufacturing company of louvers and dampers, American Warming and Ventilating is a leader in the air control industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality products, American Warming and Ventilating has become the trusted name for industrial air systems control.

dB Noise Reduction Inc.
dB Noise manufactures a complete line of standard and custom flexible connectors using EPDM or PTFE flex materials with carbon or stainless steel framework. If high temperature or noise issues need addressed, they have connectors for those applications as well.

Donaldson CompanyTORIT®
Donaldson serves the needs of industrial air system developers by offering clamp together Easy Duct™ air conveying duct and fittings to reduce installation time and flexibility should a process need to be altered.

Industrial Plastics Fabricators Ltd

IPF Limited is a manufacturer of custom fabricated plastic and fiberglass contact molded products, specializing in chemical applications & pollution control equipment.


Summary of Industrial Air Systems
Industrial Air Systems
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Industrial Air Systems
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Conveying air and product necessitates regulation of proper airflow through the duct system to minimize pressure loss and maximize fan efficiency and horsepower requirements. SysTech Design supplies dampers and louvers to fit your air flow requirements.

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