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Donaldson Torit – Downflo Oval – Model DFO 2-8

The unit shown is a field installed DFO 2-8 similar to unit offering but not exact

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Industrial Air Filtration Systems
Fume & Smoke Collection off of Precious Metal Reclaim Furnace


Performance Range: 760-6,380 CFM

DFO 2-8 (Product # 9344301) includes:

  • Standard legs and hopper to accommodate a 55-gallon drum (drum not included).
  • 55-gallon drum cover without latches or gate.
  • Standard inlet duct (rectangular or round).
  • Eight (8) Ultra-Web Filters – 1520 sq. ft. filter media.
  • Covered power hole for integral fan mounting.
  • 5 HP 460V 3 Phase TEFC fan motor with aluminum wheel and outlet damper.
  • NEMA 4 solenoid enclosure for compressed air filter cleaning.
  • Standard paint finish.
  • Type 4 pulse control box w/ timer board and Magnehelic gauge (shipped loose).


  • Custom finish or coatings
  • Hopper accessories
  • Leg extensions or reductions
  • Various filter elements
  • Blind or drilled flanges for inlet or discharge
  • Additional solenoid enclosures
  • Additional Fan selections
  • Delta-P control panel
  • Explosion vent
  • Pail packs
  • Airlocks
  • HEPA Afterfilter
  • Grounding
  • Bag-in/Bag-out filters
  • Ladders
  • Reinforced or High temperature construction
  • Sprinkler couplings or pack asy wet systems


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